april4th-challengeThe New Year’s fairy dust has completely settled and spring is here! Are you still committed to getting fit and healthy? If you need to hit the reset button, it’s the perfect time because we’re starting a new 90 Day Challenge on Monday, April 4th. This challenge will take you smack dab in the middle of summer, so now is the time if you’re ready to start thinking about beach weather and bikinis.

The Skinny Body Max 90 Day Challenge is sweet and simple: Commit to taking the all natural NEW Skinny Body Max every day consistently, as directed, for a full 90 days. We also recommend that you maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine as well. I have some bonuses waiting for you that will help you with that stuff (see below)!

It’s a pretty sweet deal. You lose weight, win a T-shirt and Certificate, and get a chance to win $1,000 cash!


Here’s my recommendation when it comes to purchasing your product for this challenge.

Buy2 Get 1Option #1 – BUY 2 GET 1 FREE

Easiest Option: Each bottle contains a full 30 day supply. Since this option gives you three bottle total, you’ll have a full 90 day supply. With this option, you’re all set and ready to rock this challenge.


Option #2 – BUY 1 Bottle with Autoship

Budget Option: So you’re on a budget and the easy option is not affordable right now. No worries, I’ve been there. This option gets you get your first bottle to get you started AND the autoship option ensures you do not run out during your challenge (trust me, running out will ruin your consistency goal!). Of course, autoship is totally optional and you cancel it at anytime. With this option, you’re ready to rock on April 4th but you should also make a promise to yourself not to forget to reorder so you don’t run out. Set a reminder on your phone now. No excuses. 🙂

HiBurn8Option #3 – BUY 3 GET 3

Go All Out Option: Get a full 90 days supply of BOTH our NEW HiBurn8 nighttime supplement and Skinny Body Max for the daytime. If you’re ready to go all out for this challenge, this is your option. With Skinny Body Max during the day, you’re going to get full faster so you’ll eat less while you boost your metabolism, burn fat more effectively, curb your cravings, improve your digestive processes, and more. With HiBurn8 at night, you’re going to sleep better and the cells in your body are going to repair themselves quicker and more effectively. With this option, you can kill this challenge.

My Exclusive Bonus Offer!

bonusWhen you purchase from me on this site, you’ll receive a free meal plan, fitness plan, complete with printable grocery list. You’ll get guidelines on what kind of food you should eat, what kind of workouts you can do and where to find them. I’ll also send you my free “Weight Loss for Life” reports that will help keep you keep the weight off for good. PLUS, I’m going to make sure you know about all the upcoming Bikini Body/Summer Ready workout challenges that are coming up so you can participate in those with me too, if you wanna join in!

Those bonuses are in addition to the Skinny Body Care 90 Day Challenge online weight loss center, that includes a weight loss tracker, fitness, nutrition, and motivational tips you already get just by joining this challenge. You’ll have everything you need to succeed – even if you don’t currently work out! I’ll be there to support you too because you’ll have direct access to me via email. Are you ready?

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