fiberFiber doesn’t get nearly as much attention as the other nutrients when it comes to healthy eating. However, if your diet is lacking in this nutrient you should definitely be making it one of your New Year’s resolutions to fill up on fiber. In this article I will be explaining why.

Fiber Explained

Fiber is type of carbohydrate that the body cannot digest. It is found in the cell wall of plants, contains no calories and has no nutritional value. However, it is still useful in humans. There are two main types of fiber:

1) Insoluble Fiber:- Insoluble fiber absorbs water in the digestive tract and expands into a combination of bulk and liquid. Its main role is to push waste materials through the digestive tract. By removing waste materials and toxins from the digestive tract insoluble fiber reduces constipation and prevents bowel disease.

2) Soluble Fiber:- Soluble fiber dissolves in water in the digestive tract and turns into a thick gel like substance. Its main role is to hold foods in the digestive tract long enough so that the nutrients can be fully absorbed. It also helps keep your blood glucose levels under control by slowing down digestion. In addition to this, soluble fiber prevents heart disease and may prevent cancer too.

How Can You Eat More Fiber?

Fiber can be found in most natural, plant based foods so eating more fiber is simply a matter of making sure your diet is rich in these foods. Below are a couple of tips that should help you fill up on fiber in the New Year:

1) Eat Legumes Or Vegetables Once A Day:- Legumes are an excellent source of soluble fiber whilst vegetables are a brilliant source of both types of fiber. They can be mixed up with cold fish or meat to create a tasty, fiber packed lunch or added to your evening meal as a side dish to give it extra fiber.

2) Snack On Fruits, Nuts And Seeds:- Fruits are a good source of both soluble and insoluble fiber whilst nuts and seeds are a fantastic source of insoluble fiber. The best part is they are all brilliant snack foods too. So the next time you are feeling peckish avoid the chocolate and grab a banana instead. If you crave a bag of crisps try some nuts instead. Not only will snacking like this increase your fiber intake but it will also help cut a lot of the unhealthy snacks from your diet.

Fiber Supplements

Fiber supplements usually come in capsules or powder form. They offer an easy way to add fiber to your diet instead of (or in addition to) eating the foods noted above. Many of the fiber supplements found in the grocery stores are simply fiber and offer an easy addition to your diet. If your goal is weight loss, a fiber supplement that also contains fat burning, metabolism boosting, and appetite suppressing ingredients is an even better option! Skinny Body Max contains two types of fiber that have been proven to be incredibly effective for weight loss, known as Glucomannan and Orafti fibers. Learn more about Skinny Body Max by clicking here.


The key when it comes to fiber is plant based foods. Whilst fiber will not help you build big muscles or lose lots of weight, it will ensure that you stay healthy in the New Year. So make sure you follow these tips, fill up on fiber and make this New Year your healthiest one yet.