The thing I hate most about dieting is the feeling of  d e p r i v a t i o n.  Dieting focuses on eating less food, putting less on your plate,  drinking less soda, and weighing less overall. I hate that! I’ve found that the focus on less can be a real recipe for failure and definitely leads to discomfort.

Instead of focusing on weighing less, I focus on being more halthy and strong. While the scale can be a useful tool on occasion, I no longer focus on watching those numbers drop. I prefer to focus on feeling more beautiful, looking more attractive in my clothes, feeling more confident in my own skin, and loving myself  m o r e. 🙂

Now if you’re wondering how to do that, start with my thin and strong plan free offer. But most important, work on shifting your perspective on how you look at the life style changes you’re making. Don’t focus on eating less, weighing less, and having less of things you used to enjoy… focus on more

Focus on More