It’s true of many things when you first start doing them… you may not see results right away. It can be hard to stay motivated, but then you see some slight changes! That’s awesome, right? I think so, but for some people the progress is not fast enough… it’s not good enough. I want to remind you that slow progress is better than no progress! Losing 1-2 pounds per week is progress and it’s the general standard for healthy weight loss, so if you see that and get discouraged because you’re not seeing those mammoth numbers from the Biggest Loser weigh ins, don’t be. If you lose the weight the healthy way, you are much more likely to keep it off.

This principle goes for getting in shape as well. I’ve mentioned before that I use the Couch to 5K app as one of my fitness and weight loss tracking tools. The app trains you for running a 5k race by having you do intervals to build up your endurance. The first week, you only run for 1 minute at a time and then walk for a minute and a half. Β Slow and steady wins the race, my friend, and progress of any kind should be celebrated! πŸ™‚