Chalean ExtremeChaLean Extreme is a 90-day home workout program that’s based on one very solid core principal – muscle burns fat. Each phase of this weight training workout program gradually builds up muscle while burning fat and calories and dropping unwanted pounds, resulting in a leaner, thinner, stronger you.

The program is divided into three 30-day phases:

#1 – Burn Phase – Moderate weight training designed to help you build muscle and increase your strength.
#2 – Push Phase – With heavier weights and fewer reps, you’re consistently challenged and pushed beyond your limits.
#3 – Lean Phase – Using the strength and muscle you’ve built over the past 60 days, fresh training methods are introduced to shred your physique into a more amazing version of who you were 2 short months prior.

Program Specs:

Instructor: Chalene Johnson
Cost: $89.95, plus $19.95 shipping & handling ($109.80 total)
Payment Options:  3 monthly payments of $29.95 (+$19.95 s&h)
Program Length: 90 days, broken into 3 separate 30-day phases
Number of Workouts:  15
Free Bonuses: Resistance bands, thigh toner band, and food guide

What is Chalean Extreme? An Honest Chalean Extreme Review


Designed for Women – This is the first weight training workout program I’ve ever found that is specifically designed for women. Chalene  is famous for her Turbo Jam and Turbo Fire workout programs, but both programs are cardio focused. Resistance training using weights is a great way to burn fat and build muscle, so having a program that is taught by a woman with a woman’s body in mind is fantastic.

Shatters Myths – Many women still believe that lifting heavy weights will cause a woman to bulk up and look “manly” rather than lean and sexy. Chalene shatters that myth and explains that that is simply not true! With focused, slow reps and heavy weights, women get leaner and tighter – not bulkier – because we lack the level of testosterone that’s responsible for a man’s bigger bulky frame.

Lost of Variety – With 15 workouts, there is a much needed variety in this 90-day program. Plus, although the program is focused on weight training, it does have cardio and ab focused workouts as well. When I first started this program, I stopped after 30 days because I didn’t lose weight (this was before I found Skinny Fiber). When I re-started the program I really appreciated the Push and Lean phases because both sets of workouts were brand new to me!


Resistance Bands May Not Be Enough – This program comes with a set of “pro-grade” resistance bands, for those who do not have weights. For some people, this will be all you need. I started the program using the bands and immediately didn’t like them… they’re just not for me. That was disappointing for me because it almost made me feel like I was unable to proceed with the program until I invested in some weights. The  SelectTech weights Chalene uses are hundreds of dollars, so I opted for a low cost pair of 10 lb. dumbbells, which worked very well for me.

You May Need More Weights – As noted above, if you don’t like the resistance bands, you’ll find it necessary to invest in weights to get the most out of this program. An even bigger issue is presented as you progress through the program and Chalene recommends you use heavier weights to maximize your results. I stuck with my 10 lb weights and created my own resistance to make things tougher, but most beginners will probably want to invest in a set of 5 lb, 10 lb, and 15 lb weights for best results.


Chalean Extreme is a challenging, fat burning program for women that I do recommend. By using heavy weight and fewer reps, your workouts will be focused and effective. For those who don’t like the resistance bands, an investment in weights may be needed to get results. All in all, the program is fun and yields nice results. Definitely recommended.

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