Our Worldwide 90 Day Challenge Starts Tomorrow – April 1st

Our Worldwide 90 Day Challenge Starts Tomorrow – April 1st


Spring is here and so are warmer temperatures and longer days. This is my favorite time of year! It’s also a reminder that summer is only 3 months away. So, if you’ve slipped on that New Years resolution to lose weight and get fit (like I have) then you’ve got 90 days to get ready for beach weather and bikinis. Did I say 90 days? YES!Β What better time for Skinny Body Care to launch the Worldwide 90 Day Challenge!

What is the Skinny Body Care Worldwide 90 Day Challenge?

The challenge itself operates on the same basic principle as our other challenges…...    [Read More]

Words to Live by Wednesday: Excuses…


When I’m lying in bed in the early morning, I can talk myself out of working out almost any day of the week. To combat this I decided to stop thinking and just get up! I use all of theΒ morning exercise motivation tips I shared with you and as soon as I notice my mind trying to persuade me off away from my goal I say “No” and get up and start moving. No weight will be lost, no progress will be made, and no calories will be burned unless you get up and move. Remember that.

It’s 2013 – Happy New Year!


It’s 2013 and it’s the first official day of my New Year 90 Day Challenge, so I already got my workout in and I’m feeling good. I totally slacked off over the past 3 months… I got lazy, stalled completely on my workouts as the weather got cold, I moved and became exhausted, and had suffered a personal tragedy that set me back emotionally and mentally. But no excuses, right? Such is life!

Now I’m getting back on track! Today I’m going to finish setting my goals for the month, for the next 90 days, 6 & 9 months, and the 2013 in general. This year is going to focus on me and my kids, especially around health and fitness (obviously) and spirituality. I have some goals when it comes to my home business as well, so focus and consistency will be the keys. What are you doing on this New Years holiday? Here’s a list of challenges I’ve compiled for you:

If you’ve got goals that include health, fitness, and/or losing weight…

31 Days to a Healthier YouΒ – from the Fitness Cheerleader πŸ™‚ Β This one starts today (Jan 1st) and includes 31 one day challenges to help you develop healthier long term habits. This year she’s got prizes too, so why not?