The Easiest Ways to Cut Calories and Junk From Your Diet


If you’re trying to improve your diet, you’ll often find it’s easier to focus on the things you want to remove from your current eating habits rather than trying to add things. And the best way to make that successful is to focus on just the smallest things that will cause the smallest change to your feeling of fullness and energy throughout the day.

Here are some very easy ways to cut calories and reduce the amount of junk in your diet!

Get Rid of Soda Drinks

One of the very best things that anyone can do for their diet is to remove soda drinks from their diet. That means no more Coca-Cola and no more 7-Up. Why? Because these drinks are absolutely packed with simple sugars while offering nothing healthy in return. They’ll make you feel hungry and they’ll add lots of calories while contributing to lipogenesis (fat storage)....    [Read More]

The Basic Concept Behind Clean Eating

pork-loin-minClean eating is a simple, inexpensive way to eat healthy. Because it’s good for the body and easy to do, the popularity of this eating plan continues to rise. The basic concept behind clean eating is based on guidelines that anyone can adhere to.

You start by making sure that the foods you have for your snacks and all of your meals are natural ones. You would pick food items that are as close to the way that they were made in nature over picking foods that are processed.

When foods are processed, you can usually tell by the packaging. These items will usually be in cans or boxes. If it has an ingredient label with more than one or two items, then it’s usually processed.

To avoid processed foods, look for items that are found in your produce section such as leafy green vegetables and fruits. Non-processed foods are ones that are brought to the store in the same state in which they were grown.

They’re not put in cans or covered in preservatives or anything additional. When you’re following a clean eating plan, you’ll want to make sure your menus are based on unrefined foods.herbs-and-flavor-min

Refined foods are foods that have been changed from the way they were grown into something where the makeup of the original isn’t the same. For example, white rice was changed from its original state of brown rice.

You want your diet to be filled w
ith whole grains as much as possible. This means that you should eat things like brown rice or legumes. Some people are addicted to sugar but sugar isn’t good for you and when you’re on a clean eating plan, it’s best to avoid it.

Why Good Nutrition is so Important

The Importance Of Good Nutrition

nutritionYou need to consider whether the foods you eat are high in nutritional value. The reason is if you eat foods that are low in nutritional value your body will not function effectively and optimally. This has an adverse effect on all your body’s processes and can ultimately lead to you gaining weight.  For example, if you become deficient in the nutrients that support healthy digestion your body will not be as efficient at breaking down the foods you eat and as a result you will gain weight.

An Introduction To The Nutrients

The nutrients are quite simply substances that provide nourishment. They can be broken down into 3 main categories:

1) The Macronutrients: These are the 3 main nutrients your body needs to survive. They are the main source of calories in the human diet and are required in relatively large amounts.

Top 10 Unhealthy Eating Habits

1. You Finish Your Meal Before Everyone Else

If you’re the first one done eating, you’re probably eating mindlessly and are not savoring your meal in healthy ways. Wolfing down your meal within a few minutes can lead to indigestion and it can also lead to becoming overweight.

Instead, you should eat more slowly and taking part in whatever conversation is going on around the table. Your internal signal to turn off eating takes about 20 minutes so if you finish sooner than that, you’ll still feel hungry even when you’ve eaten enough… which typically results in eating more food than you really need....    [Read More]