10 Minute Trainer Workout Review

10 Minute Trainer Workout Review Creator of the immensely popular P90x workout program, Tony Horton is a fitness legend and the creator of 10 Minute Trainer. The 10 Minute Trainer program is named appropriately because it is just what it sounds like – a series of short 10 minute workouts.Β  It’s designed for people who simply can’t find time to fit the usual 30 to 60 minute workouts into their busy schedules.Β  The 10 Minute Trainer workout program condenses several different workouts in short but efficient ten minute bursts.

Program Specs:

What is Chalean Extreme?

Chalean ExtremeChaLean Extreme is a 90-day home workout program that’s based on one very solid core principal – muscle burns fat.Β Each phase of this weight training workout program gradually builds up muscle while burning fat and calories and dropping unwanted pounds, resulting in a leaner, thinner, stronger you.

The program is divided into three 30-day phases:

#1 – Burn Phase – Moderate weight training designed to help you build muscle and increase your strength.
#2 – Push Phase – With heavier weights and fewer reps, you’re consistently challenged and pushed beyond your limits.
#3 – Lean Phase – Using the strength and muscle you’ve built over the past 60 days, fresh training methods are introduced to shred your physique into a more amazing version of who you were 2 short months prior.

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INSANITY DVD Workout Review

Insanity DVD Workout Review Personal trainer and fitness god, Shaun T, is the man behind Insanity, a 60-Day Total Body Conditioning Program that may also be the most popular home DVD workout program available today. The infomercials are shown on several channels, multiple times a day and the intensity of the program is obvious as you watch them. The Insanity claim is that with dedication and hard work, anyone can see amazing results in 60 days. The program requires no weights or other fitness equipment, it’s a standalone workout program that focuses on intense total body training.

Program Specs: