How to Make Time for Fitness

making-time-for-fitnessWith our fast-paced lives and hectic schedules, it’s easy to lose sight of the importance of taking care of ourselves. When we step back and look at the big picture, it seems obvious that in order to feel good, we need to exercise and to eat well. Sometimes though, having the skills to achieve success can seem overwhelming. Here you will find great tips for building fitness seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Identify Areas Of Lost Time

These days there are many seemingly simple habits that can siphon precious time away from your day. Fitting exercise into these small pockets of regained time can really add up.

Some of the culprits that waste time include checking and responding to emails, watching tv or using other screen devices, or talking on the phone. If you find these are some of the ways that you seem to spend a lot of time, try making small changes. For example, by only checking emails at specific times of the day, you won’t be tempted to answer every email the moment it comes in. Use this freed up time to exercise. Even five minutes each day can make a difference.

Motivation Monday


I know how hard it is to get motivated to work and make it part of your daily routine. The first week is the worst! After your workout, pay attention to how different you feel the rest of the day. Not only are you likely to feel good about getting your workout in, but you will probably feel less stressed and more empowered to eat clean. You can do this!

107 Fantastic Reasons To Lose Weight

FitnessEveryone has their own personal reasons for losing weight, but many times they are the same reasons as so many others. I can relate to several of these, how about you?

1. To feel better about myself.
2. To increase my feelings of self worth.
3. To be able to run and jump without worrying about hurting myself.
4. To look good in a tight dress.
5. To be able to wear shorts in the summer.
6. To be able to go swimming without being self-conscious.
7. To feel I can go swimming at all!
8. To be able to run with my grandchildren
9. To be healthier.

Need Motivation to Work Out in the Morning? Read This.

motivation to work out in the morningI have a tough time working out – especially in the morning – but when I do workout in the morning it sets the tone for my day. There are some really good reasons why you should workout in the morning, but my favorite is that I feel like aΒ rock starΒ when I’m done. πŸ˜‰Β The hardest part of getting motivated to workout in the morning is making it a routine and doing it consistently.Β Once you make it a routine to start your day off with exercise, your body will adapt, and you’ll end up feeling more energetic throughout the day.

Here are 10 tips to give you motivation to work out in the morning:

#1 – Get everything ready the night before.

Lay out your workout clothes, socks, shoes, ipod (or mp3 player), headphones, and put your water bottle in the fridge.

#2 – Set multiple alarms.

I set the alarm on my phone and make the title something motivational like, “I am Thin and Strong” and then set another alarm in another room. Hitting the snooze button is too tempting, but once you physically get up to turn off that other alarm it’s easier to get going.

#3 – Make it a daily commitment.

Treat your workouts like it’s an appointment. You get up everyday and go to work, right? Or you get up and take your kids to school, don’t you? I bet you don’t give doing those things much thought because it’s your routine. You have committed to doing those things and even though some days are tougher than others, you still do it. Commit to your workouts and your health in the same way. You deserve it.

7 Tips on How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight and Get Fit

keep going1 – Set Smart Goals

Clear, measurable, time-bound goals are where it all starts. You should start with your ultimate goal, which is usually your goal weight or dress size, but could be something else of meaning to you. Then work your way backwards with a few steps you’d need to reach to get there. Set a time frame and go for it! If you keep your eyes on the prize at all times, it will help keep your motivation up.

2 – Make a Plan

Create a plan for every step. You need to schedule the days and times you’ll workout, make out your grocery list before you go to the store each week, and make a meal plan for the week.

3 – Set Reminders

Don’t allow yourself to forget or get side tracked when life gets in the way. Use post it notes to remind you of your goals and put them around your bedroom and bathroom. Write down why you want to lose weight and get healthy, and re-read it when you find your resolve is wavering. Use your cell phone to set reminders when you’ve scheduled your work out, to drink more water, and to take your Skinny Fiber 30 minutes before your two largest meals (Siri is great for this, if you’ve got an iPhone).

4 Hot Tips to Help You Give Up Fast Food and Eat Healthier

motivationIt’s the Monday of the 2nd week of the New Year and many people have already defaulted on their resolutions. Staying motivated can be hard, especially when it comes to fast food and eating a healthy diet.

You know how it goes…

It’s been a long day.Β You get off of work and head home in a hellacious commute. An hour or so later you’re Β picking up your kids from their after school program and maybe even making another stop before heading home (basketball practice, karate, dance, etc.)… then it’s time to figure out what’s for dinner!Β You’re tired and the last thing you feel like doing is cooking. The temptation to stop off at the drive-thru is strong because it’s both easy and convenient. BUT it’s also almost always unhealthy Β and totally against your weight loss and fitness goals.Β Don’t do it. Bad habits may be hard to break but it is possible to kick the fast food habit by planning ahead.

Here are a few tips to help you kick the fast food habit and eat healthier: