It’s Wednesday and therefore time for a few words to live by as you finalize your 2013 goals and keep yourself motivated to achieve them. I am a HUGE proponent for the power of choice. I’m NOT getting into politics here – I’m talking everyday life. Let me explain… When you wake up in the morning, you have the choice to start the day tired and sour as you head off to work. Or you can choose to thank God for another day and focus on the many blessings in your life. When someone does you wrong, you can choose to react badly and fire back in negativity or revenge. Or you can step back, stay in control and in peace, and chooseΒ to respond in a manner that is appropriate, respectful, and won’t be regretted later. And when it comes to your health, your fitness, and your eating habits… you can choose whether you take that walk today, whether you eat chicken & veggies for lunch (instead of that burger and fries), and if you’re going to commit to taking your Skinny Fiber twice a day before meals. You CAN do all of it… you simply have to start by choosing to.