Words to Live By: Slow Progress is Better Than No Progress


It’s true of many things when you first start doing them… you may not see results right away. It can be hard to stay motivated, but then you see some slight changes! That’s awesome, right? I think so, but for some people the progress is not fast enough… it’s not good enough. I want to remind you that slow progress is better than no progress! Losing 1-2 pounds per week is progress and it’s the general standard for healthy weight loss, so if you see that and get discouraged because you’re not seeing those mammoth numbers from the Biggest Loser weigh ins, don’t be. If you lose the weight the healthy way, you are much more likely to keep it off....    [Read More]

Words to Live By: Love Your Body

Words to Live By: Love Your Body


I am a master at over complicating things! But as I learn and grow, I realize it’s best to just keep it simple whenever possible. I’m re-starting the 90 Day Challenge today and am going to focus on the words above. Eat well (healthy), move gracefully (committing to move my body at least 3 times a week), sleep deeply (7-8 hours a night minimum), and taking the time to refresh myself (for me this means a few things, like unplugging from my computer, going to church every week, spending time with my kiddos, and more.). The most important thing about this Words to Live By Wednesday is to Love Your Body. It’s ok to not be happy with the way it looks right now and want to change it… but remember, it’s your body and if you’re like me it has probably served you pretty well so far. It’s the only body you’re going to have in this life, so if it’s not perfect, that’s ok – IT’S YOURS! πŸ™‚...    [Read More]

Words to Live By: Small Changes Make a Big Difference

small changes

Today’s Words to Live By took years to sink in for me. I used to decide to make a change and try to do a bunch of big things all at once… join a gym with a huge membership package, go on a superΒ restrictiveΒ diet, sign up for a fitness challenge, agree to work with 5 friends in one week, and sign for a 5K. The problem is making too many changes at one time can be a recipe for failure. For me, it was all too much – it became too heavy and too overwhelming to stick to the plans. So today, I want you to remember that small changes can make a big difference. If you’ve decided you want to make a change – whether that be deciding to lose weight or get fit (or both) – know that making small changes will add up over time and make a big difference. Β Consider starting by walking for 20-30 minutes a few times a week and adding more veggies to your diet. It’s a start and you can do it!...    [Read More]

Words to Live By Wednesday: So You Had a Bad Day…


Today’s Words to Live By are perfect for me because I have been having a slew of bad days. Between family problems that are plaguing me and an upper respiratory infection that had me in bed all weekend, my workouts have been non-existent. The fact is I haven’t felt well enough to exercise, and I’m exhausted from being sick and stressed … but at the end the of the day, I am in control of my mind and my attitude. Despite today’s ridiculousness, I am focusing on the positive things that happened today, the positive people in my life, and the many blessings I have. I’m going to go for a walk today and see how my lungs feel as I “get back on the horse” and start working out again. I’m not going to beat myself up for not reaching my goal of working out every day in January 2013. I got sick – it happens – I’m human. I’m going to keep pushing forward and I WILL achieve my goals, no matter what. You with me? πŸ™‚...    [Read More]