Words to Live By: Start Small. Make Healthy Choices Every Day!

I used to be the girl who decided to make about ten different changes at one time. I’d wake up one day and decide that I needed to lose a few pounds, so I was gonna 1) start working out, 2) stop drinking coffee, 3) start dieting, 4) start meditating, 5) start going for walks in the park every evening, 6)… you get the idea. Trying to change too many things at once is often a recipe for failure. I always applaud the decision to make changes in your life instead of just fussing about it or wishing things were different. But setting goals and taking things one step at a time is usually the best way to go. People are creatures of habits and so it can be hard to change… but it is definitely possible, so do not give up. Just follow the advice below! πŸ™‚...    [Read More]