It’s Not Too Late! 5 Diet Resolutions You Can Still Make for 2013

Just because it’s January 4th, doesn’t mean you can’t still make some awesome New Years resolutions. You’ve still got 361 days left in 2013, so that fresh start is still yours for the taking! Grab a pen and start thinking about some goals that you want to accomplish this year. Your goals may range from job/career goals, spiritual goals, and the most popular – weight loss and fitness goals, which what this article will focus on.

Here are 5 diet resolutions you can make this year that are totally worth it:

#1 – Drink More Water

Drink More WaterWater is the best way to stay hydrated, cleanse your body and rid it of toxins, keep your body working in optimal condition, and deter  false signs of hunger. Did you know that many people often confuse their body’s hunger & thirst signals? I know it may sound a little nutty but it’s true. There are times when you think you might be hungry but in truth your body is just dehydrated and in need of a little water. It’s not a bad idea to cut out soda, fruit juice, and sugary drinks as well… or least cut back. Most people do not realize how many calories they are drinking every day. Water does a body good, so drink at least 8-10 glasses each day.

#2 – Eat 5-6 Small Meals Each Day

5 Meals a DayThe word is out! Eating more often actually keeps your metabolism revved up and results in more weight loss than starving yourself. It’s important, however, that what you eat is healthy and nutritious (so don’t reach for those candy bars). Try pre-planning your meals  each day so that you make good choices and don’t end up  struggling to find something nutritious to eat. Strive to eat every 2-3 hours, which is the best way to keep your metabolism functioning properly, as well as your blood sugar and energy levels in balance. When you eat regularly, your body knows it’s ok to burn calories. When you skip meals and deprive your body of food, it goes into starvation mode because it doesn’t know when to expect the next meal, which results in a slower metabolism, hoarding calories, and fat storage. No bueno.

#3 – Focus on Eating Whole Foods

Eat CleanI don’t count calories and diet, per se – I focus on eating unprocessed foods that are nutritious and healthy.  While you can go on a specific kind of diet plan – or follow a meal plan – many find it’s simply easier to follow a few simple rules:

  1. Cut out processed junk food (cookies, chips, candy, fast food, etc.)
  2. Eat “whole” food, like veggies, fruit, and lean protein (chicken, fish, etc.)
  3. Cut out (or cut down) on sugar and sugar laden drinks (soda, KoolAid, etc.)
  4. Choose complex carbohydrates over simple carbohydrates (so choose brown rice or quinoa over white rice, or sweet potatoes over white potatoes, etc.)