7 Tips on How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight and Get Fit

keep going1 – Set Smart Goals

Clear, measurable, time-bound goals are where it all starts. You should start with your ultimate goal, which is usually your goal weight or dress size, but could be something else of meaning to you. Then work your way backwards with a few steps you’d need to reach to get there. Set a time frame and go for it! If you keep your eyes on the prize at all times, it will help keep your motivation up.

2 – Make a Plan

Create a plan for every step. You need to schedule the days and times you’ll workout, make out your grocery list before you go to the store each week, and make a meal plan for the week.

3 – Set Reminders

Don’t allow yourself to forget or get side tracked when life gets in the way. Use post it notes to remind you of your goals and put them around your bedroom and bathroom. Write down why you want to lose weight and get healthy, and re-read it when you find your resolve is wavering. Use your cell phone to set reminders when you’ve scheduled your work out, to drink more water, and to take your Skinny Fiber 30 minutes before your two largest meals (Siri is great for this, if you’ve got an iPhone).

New Year Resolution Ideas: How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

The New Year is almost here and one of the most common new year resolution ideas is losing weight and getting fit… which is not always an easy task. In fact, for many of us it’s down right challenging! However, it IS possible and more than that, YOU CAN keep your new years resolution if you set your mind to it. Β Here are few tips to help you stay motivated:

Break Your Big Goals Up Into Smaller Goals

Break Down Your Goals

Let’s say one of your big goals for the New Year is to lose 20 pounds. You need to set a realistic time frame and then create a plan of action by breaking up your goals into smaller goals and action tasks. A healthy weight loss is about 1-2 pounds per week, so a goal of 2 pounds per week is a Β good one. This means your deadline to accomplish your big goal could be 10 weeks to lose those 20 pounds. Now that you’ve got your deadline, you can set your first, smaller goal of losing 10 pounds in 5 weeks. Then you create your action plan, which will vary for everyone based on fitness level, eating habits, etc. Your action plan may be to simply walk every day for 30 minutes a day and to eat healthier. Or you may be a little crazier and decide to do the Insanity program. Whatever your plan, staying motivated to lose weight starts with setting a clear plan and being consistent.

Let Your Friends or Online Connections Help Keep You on Track

Workout with Friends

Most people know at least one other friend or family member who is also trying to lose weight and get in shape. The best thing you can do is team up with one of them and hold each other accountable.