5 Drinking Habits You Should Kick for a Healthier You

5 Drinking Habits You Should Kick for a Healthier You


When you’re trying to determine how many calories you’re consuming every day, it’s easy to focus on food. It’s important to remember that many drinks have calories too… empty calories, as they are commonly referred to. This is because they almost always lack any significant nutritional value and are full of sugar.

The best thing to grab when you’re thirsty? Water. Yep, good old H2o. Sometimes you need a little flavor, simply like your morning coffee, or you need some vitamins and carbohydrates replenished after an intense workout. Here are some tips to help you make wise beverage choices for your health and weight loss goals.

#1 – Nix the Soda

Soda is loaded with sugar and has absolutely no nutritional value. It also has carbohydrates too, which when coupled with all that sugar can lead to weight gain. If you’re thinking about reaching for the diet soda instead, it’s not the best idea either. Though you do cut calories, the artificialΒ sweetener usedΒ in most of those diet sodas has been shown to have an addictive quality (so the more diet soda you drink the more you crave). Not to mention, most of the carbon in soda can leave you bloated because of the high sodium content. Β If you really love your soda and can’t imagine life without it (or don’t want to) try an all natural soda like Zevia.

#2 – Keep Your Cup of Joe… Beware of the Fancy Pants Ones Though

I love coffee and can’t imagine my life without it. I’m not proud of that, but I simply love my coffee.