How Much Do You Need to Exercise to Lose Weight?

Sports and workout equipment on a wooden floor with healthy snacks, weight loss and physical activity concept

Many people exercise for weight loss and healthy weight maintenance. Being overweight or obese can lead to a long list of dangerous, and even deadly, health problems. Exercise burns calories, carbohydrates and fat, so it works perfectly if you are looking to lose weight. So, exactly how much do you need to exercise to drop the pounds you are looking to discard?

Time to do a little math….

Bear in mind, no 2 people are alike. There is no way that your very unique bodily functions can be determined by using global averages. However, you can use the following formula as a base, and adjust accordingly to the results you experience....    [Read More]

What is Good Nutrition? Myths vs. Truth

Nutrition-MythsTrying to eat better? It can be a confusing path. Information about what’s healthy and how to lose weight comes in many shapes and forms, and the information is often contradictory. You might hear the old adage, “calories in, calories out.” And the next minute you might read that “not all calories are equal.”

So what’s the truth and what is good nutrition? Do you trust the federal nutrition guidelines, your doctor, your best friend, the latest trend or do you listen to your body?

If you’re confused and frustrated, you’re not alone. The good news is that all of this confusion really only stems from two places:
1. New science and information being released
2. Companies trying to profit from the information

These can overlap – quality companies and manufacturers do make good, nutritious food based on the latest in health and nutrition science. If you can evaluate the nutrition information you’re reading or hearing and ask where the information comes from, then you’re way ahead of the majority of the population. This guide incorporates that new science and information. We’ll share what the guidelines are and why they have been created.

Let’s start with the information you may have learned in grade school and how it’s changed over the years.