The Importance Of A Positive Weight Loss Mindset

Many people don’t consider the link between a positive weight loss mindset and success. However, going around thinking ‘I can’t do this’ or ‘it’s impossible for me to lose weight’ will indirectly sabotage your weight loss efforts. After all, thoughts become actions.

A positive mindset on the other hand pushes you in the right direction each and every time. If you believe that ‘I can do this’ and ‘I will lose weight’ and then keep repeating these thoughts to yourself, you will consistently take the actions that are necessary for weight loss success....    [Read More]

Fill Up on Fiber in 2016 for Easier Weight Loss

fiberFiber doesn’t get nearly as much attention as the other nutrients when it comes to healthy eating. However, if your diet is lacking in this nutrient you should definitely be making it one of your New Year’s resolutions to fill up on fiber. In this article I will be explaining why.

Fiber Explained

Fiber is type of carbohydrate that the body cannot digest. It is found in the cell wall of plants, contains no calories and has no nutritional value. However, it is still useful in humans. There are two main types of fiber:

1) Insoluble Fiber:- Insoluble fiber absorbs water in the digestive tract and expands into a combination of bulk and liquid. Its main role is to push waste materials through the digestive tract. By removing waste materials and toxins from the digestive tract insoluble fiber reduces constipation and prevents bowel disease.

2) Soluble Fiber:- Soluble fiber dissolves in water in the digestive tract and turns into a thick gel like substance. Its main role is to hold foods in the digestive tract long enough so that the nutrients can be fully absorbed. It also helps keep your blood glucose levels under control by slowing down digestion. In addition to this, soluble fiber prevents heart disease and may prevent cancer too.

How Can You Eat More Fiber?

How To Get Healthier And Maybe Shed Some Extra Pounds

How To Get Healthier And Maybe Shed Some Extra Pounds

Many people believe that becoming more fit is simply impossible. As we have shown, you can achieve physical fitness without pain or misery. By changing your routine and adding a few extra steps, you will find it easier than ever to achieve your fitness goals.

Don’t have much time for workouts? Make your workouts into two sessions. You don’t have to work out more, just break the time in half. Rather than getting an hour’s worth of running in at once, try half before work and half later in the day. Try doing one workout in the gym and one outside to mix it up....    [Read More]

Top Tips For Successful Weight Loss

Top Tips For Successful Weight Loss

One pound at a time, fitness or weight loss concept – slate blackboard sign against weathered red painted barn wood with a dumbbell, apple and tape measure

Every good plan starts with a solid foundation and weight loss is no different. Tailoring your lifestyle to achieve your goals can mean success. By learning the best tips to reach your goal, you will find more success. These tips should put you in the correct frame of mind for reaching your goals.

Reduce the calories you consume slowly so that you can let your body slowly adjust to the changes. As a suggestion, lessen your daily intake by 500 calories.

You can get some exercise while you are chatting on the phone. Instead of sitting, get up and keep moving while you talk on the telephone. It is not necessary to do anything strenuous. Instead, simply walk or do household chores and watch the burned calories pile up....    [Read More]

Your Fitness Plan Doesn’t Have To Read Like A Novel

Your Fitness Plan Doesn’t Have To Read Like A Novel

time for fitness concept – slate blackboard sign against weathered red painted barn wood with a dumbbell, apple and tape measure

Whatever your goals — losing a few pounds or running in a triathlon — fitness is a key part of a well-rounded life. Many people aren’t aware of how to start getting fit, but luckily this article can help.

If you want to increase your commitment to fitness, pay for a multi-month gym contract. Not using your membership could make you feel guilty, and more likely to attend. This should be done as a final resort, mostly if you have a difficult time forcing yourself to attend.

If your goal is to become fit and healthy, try to find fitness programs that strengthen your muscles and help you become more flexible. You should easily find many different classes in your area....    [Read More]