Insanity DVD Workout Review Personal trainer and fitness god, Shaun T, is the man behind Insanity, a 60-Day Total Body Conditioning Program that may also be the most popular home DVD workout program available today. The infomercials are shown on several channels, multiple times a day and the intensity of the program is obvious as you watch them. The Insanity claim is that with dedication and hard work, anyone can see amazing results in 60 days. The program requires no weights or other fitness equipment, it’s a standalone workout program that focuses on intense total body training.

Program Specs:

Instructor: Shaun T
Cost: $119.85, plus $29.95 shipping & handling ($149.80 total)
Payment Options:  3 monthly payments of $39.95 (+$29.95 s&h)
Program Length: 60 days, broken into two 4-week workout phases, with 1 “rest” week in between them.
Number of Workouts:  10
Free Bonuses: INSANITY Workout calendar, Elite Nutrition guide, Fitness guide, Cardio Abs bonus workout, and online support tools.

Is the Insanity DVD Workout Program Right For You?


It’s Very Comprehensive – Each of the 10 workouts is different and takes advantage of different workout techniques to maximize fat burning, cardio endurance, calorie burning, muscle building, and increased fitness.  Examples include plyometric workouts that incorporate lower body fat burning routines, interval workouts that increase your metabolism along with your fat and calorie burning potential, as well as pure cardio workouts that don’t just burn calories but also build incredible endurance.  The exercises included in each of the workouts also target specific areas of the body while creating overall toning, muscle building, and weight loss results.

Shaun T is Fantastic – Some personal trainers are good while others are great – Shaun T is great. He’s not just in amazing shape, he looks incredible and comes across as kind, motivating, and as if he’s talking just to you. He provides firm but motivating instruction, while offering words of encouragement when things get tough. Plus, and some may not notice this, but when he refers to your right or left he is showing you the mirror image of your body by demonstrating  what is actually the opposite side of his body. As I said, he is 100% focused on you.

It’s Very Real – The workout intensity level becomes apparent at several different points in the workout when Shaun T himself is clearly finding it tough to talk as he works out with you. In addition, the exercisers in the background are frequently taking breaks as well and showing true signs of strain and exertion as they move through the workout. This was comforting for me because there were many times during the workouts – specifically in the first couple of weeks – where I felt like I needed more breaks than I should and was sometimes worked to near total exhaustion.

The Fitness Tests Motivate You – You start the Insanity workout program with a fit test to see what your fitness level is when you start.  As you progress through the program, you do a fit test every 2 weeks to see how you’re progressing. I was stunned when I did my first fit test because it was so hard, but when I did my 2nd fit test after working the program for 2 weeks I was excited and surprised at how much better I did. The fit test and the fast results you see in your body definitely motivate you to keep going.


Extremely Intense and Not for Everyone – The program is called INSANITY for a reason – the workouts are literally insane. They are harder than any workout I personally had ever done and for people who have never worked out and are at a lower level of fitness, these workouts will be extremely difficult. There is a disclaimer in the paperwork that comes with the Insanity program as well as a message that displays on the screen before every workout advising you not to do the program without consulting your doctor first.  You will quickly understand that the message is not simply a legal disclaimer but genuine advice – you should not do this workout unless you get the OK from your doctor first because it is most definitely not for everyone.

It Can Get Discouraging – As noted above, the workouts are very intense, so when you start you might be surprised at how often you need to take breaks or if you’re not quite able to get through the entire workout. This is normal for most, but it can be discouraging for some. During my first week, I honestly doubted if the workouts were something I could actually do. During the 2nd month, my body would sometimes shut down during the last 15 minutes of a 55 minute workout and I was suffering from aching knees and a sore shoulder.  It. Is. Tough.

Longevity – I went back and forth on whether to put this point in the pros of cons section… because to be totally honest, it’s both.  If you do the program, you WILL see results – period. However, some people will not see the results they want in just one 60-day cycle. The beauty of the program is that you can do multiple cycles and see better and better results. However, some may also find that after 60-days they simply lack the will to do more. It. Is. Tough.


INSANITY is an incredibly challenging, highly effective workout program. With an incredibly comprehensive group of workouts and Shaun T guiding you through every move, the program offers a powerful way to reshape your body with a much needed personal touch. With a high difficulty level that can sometimes be discouraging, the program is definitely not for everyone . However, if you’re up for the challenge, the fit test and realisitic nature of the program will motivate you to continue on a path that will end with a physique you probably didn’t know you could have. Definitely recommended, but proceed with caution.

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