Did you know annual holiday celebrations can actually cause depression?

This should be a happy and positive time of the year. But for some people, it is anything but. A 1999 Canadian study showed that anxiety and stress skyrocket during the months of November and December. Other studies have revealed similar results. This is when many countries and cultures celebrate important holidays.

That study also showed that right before Valentine’s Day (which should be a celebration of love) anxiety and depression also rise. This is why it is so important to think about your mental health before and during the holidays. What is the one of the best ways to fight stress and depression?


Exercise leads to physical and mental well-being.

This means it is possible to take care of yourself physically and mentally during the hectic holiday season, simply by exercising.

Your first holiday health tip is a simple one. Start working out or exercising long before the holidays hit.

Put a plan in place that takes into account your lack of free time which may accompany the holidays. Workout regularly, without skipping a schedule day, at least 3 to 5 weeks before the holidays.

This is the amount of time it takes most humans to develop a consistent habit. This guarantees your holidays will not get in the way of your exercise. And that will allow you to enjoy your holidays, enjoying your time with your family and friends.