fitness appsDo you have a tough time sticking to your exercise schedule? Do you have all the best intentions, great motivation and the perfect environment for exercising, but still find yourself not working out as much as you would like? Technology may just offer the solution.

Technology in some parts plays a role in the sedentary lifestyle that many of us enjoy today. We are constantly staring at a monitor, sitting in a chair, getting little physical activity. But that same technology can also help you create the body of your dreams.

Do this. Type “fitness apps” into your favorite search engine.

You can streamline that search which returns millions of results by adding “top 10” or “best mobile” in front of the term “fitness apps”. Spending a little time searching through those results, you will see the same names coming up over and over. Give them a test drive.

Fitness apps are excellent for putting your exercise efforts on autopilot and making them a habit for several reasons…

  1. You can access them quickly on any mobile device.
  2. They are usually free, with some paid upgrades available.
  3. You can set alerts that tell you when it is time to exercise.
  4. They are customizable to your unique situation.
  5. Since you use your cell phone on a daily (and sometimes hourly) basis, you can’t hide from your fitness app.
  6. They integrate easily with social media, allowing you to share and strengthen your exercise habits.

Those are just a few of the reasons why a fitness app might be right for you if you have had a problem making exercise a habit. Fitness applications download quickly to your smartphone, tablet and home PC. Moving from one device to another, your information and data is automatically updated and accessible.

FitnessMost fitness apps connect with some type of community dedicated to physical fitness. Many of them allow you to automatically upload your workout information to that community. This makes challenging others, motivating yourself, and meeting people just like you a fun part of exercise.

When you first use a fitness app, you may be surprised to find that you receive an award after working out. Everyone likes to receive a “pat on the back” for a solid effort. Fitness applications reward you with exercise badges and other awards when you reach personal bests or achieve a significant milestone. Your smartphone is often the reason you don’t exercise enough. Why not let fitness apps turn your phone into a motivational, feel-good piece of technology that makes exercise an enjoyable habit?

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