10 Minute Trainer Workout Review Creator of the immensely popular P90x workout program, Tony Horton is a fitness legend and the creator of 10 Minute Trainer. The 10 Minute Trainer program is named appropriately because it is just what it sounds like – a series of short 10 minute workouts.  It’s designed for people who simply can’t find time to fit the usual 30 to 60 minute workouts into their busy schedules.  The 10 Minute Trainer workout program condenses several different workouts in short but efficient ten minute bursts.

Program Specs:Instructor:  Tony Horton
Cost: $79.90, plus $9.95 shipping & handling ($89.95 total)
Payment Options:  2 monthly payments of $39.95 (+$9.95 s&h)
Program Length: You decide. 10 minute workouts can be done for any length of time.
Number of Workouts:  4
Free Bonuses: Resistance bands, Cardio Belt, guidebook, workout calendar, 10-minute meals, bonus abs workout, on-the-go workout cards, and online support

10 Minute Trainer by Tony Horton


It’s Efficient – The program incorporates several 10 minute exercise schedules that use resistance bands and a technique Tony calls “Super Stacking.”  The technique focuses on total body core workouts condensed into intense 10 minute periods, rather than the longer workouts that are required when you break up exercises focused on individual body parts. The 10 Minute Trainer program really packs a punch by offering a selection of 10 minute workouts that include the entire body, lower body, cardio workouts, etc. Very efficient indeed.

It’s Effective – Many will be skeptical about the claim as to whether 10 minutes will actually be enough to be an effective workout, and rightfully so because it is somewhat hard to believe. However, the fact that Tony Horton is behind this program immediately lends to it’s credibility and when you try it you will quickly realize the power packed into those short 10 minute sessions. Within 2-3 minutes of starting the workouts, I began to sweat and could feel it in several different muscle groups!

Suitable for Most – One of the greatest assets to the 10 Minute Trainer program is that it can be fully modified to an individuals particular needs, fitness level, availability, or limitations.  For example, most of the yoga stretches can be used together with the other 10 minute workouts as part of your warm up and cool down exercise routines. The 10 workouts are rather challenging and intense on their own, but Tony takes the time to demonstrate modifications you can use to diminish the stress. These modifications allow you to work your way up to 100% on each of the workouts, which is likely to be necessary. The fact is most of the people who’ll use this program are probably not going to be in the best condition or at a high fitness level since that requires regular exercise, so Tony’s modifications are important.

The Bonuses are Fabulous – The free bonuses that the program comes with include resistance bands, the cardio belt, the workout calendar, on-the-go workout cards, and a 10 minute meals guide. The bands and cardio belt are necessary tools, as they are critical to the effectiveness of the exercises in the program.  The on the go workout cards are a great addition for a program like this since considering the users time constraints, the workout cards can be taken with you during your day so that you can always fit in a 10 minute workout, even when you don’t have your DVDs with you. The 10 minute meals guide is also very handy. It’s not a full  diet plan, but the guide does give you quick and easy to prepare meals and very helpful tips on healthy eating.


10 Minutes May Not Yield Fast Enough Results – The only con I really found with this program is that your fitness goals may not be met by simply doing just one 10 minute workout a day. Some people will need to do two or three 10 minute workouts each day to get the results they’re looking for, which translates to a 20-30 minute workout.  Those who are more patient, however, will be surprised how effective this program can be when they follow the workout calendar and simply doing one 10 minute workout every day.


The 10 Minute Trainer program works and is a great choice for people who are short on time, like most people these days. It’s also great for people who haven’t worked out in awhile (or ever) and are looking to increase their fitness level or lose weight.  Those who are willing and able to to commit to the system, the program will provide the same results as a fully comprehensive workout program in just 10 minutes a day, making the 10 Minute Trainer program extremely impressive. Highly recommended.

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